Over the past three decades, we have been growing our expertise by means of the engagement of talented people in challenging projects, whilst consistently serving our clients with adequate technical solutions. Hence our contribution in improving the lives of individuals, communities, institutions and nations.


Atlas Koechlin has been identified as a prime collaborator by every major transportation infrastructure developer, notably, government agencies in charge of roads and railways, providing integrated solutions for most types of transportation ways (roads, highways, railways, high speed rail and conventional rail, metropolitan and light railway networks, airports and harbor infrastructures).

Special Structures Engineering

Atlas Koechlin team has significant experience in the design and analysis of concrete and steel bridges, including segmental construction of stayed and cantilever bridges with complex erection techniques, cut and cover tunnels, special hydraulic water and wastewater structures, powerhouses, dams and buildings.

Water and Hydraulics

In the Water and Hydraulics segment, Atlas Koechlin focuses in delivering consultancy and engineering services to the water, wastewater and power industries. Working closely with national and local water departments, management entities and concessionaires, the firm delivers outline and detailed design of hydraulic, water and waste water services in both technical and financial aspects.


The Environment and Sustainability area has two main focus: (i) a transversal approach, providing the environmental expertise to work for various sectors of activity: water and hydraulics, transportation, energy, industry, urban planning and tourism; and (ii) a focused approach, orientated to specific environmental areas which include due diligences, soil and groundwater contamination, environmental liabilities, environmental management and risk analysis.

Architecture and Buildings

At Atlas Koechlin, the foundation of a successful project is the right combination of all contextual elements, while challenges, such as space or budget restrictions, fuel our creativity. This is how we reach solutions that carefully take into account all of the client’s requirements arriving at integrated solutions and integral constructions. Our innovative structures bear witness to both our holistic approach and pioneering ingenuity

Our architects and civil engineers play a central role in the development of the built environment and are concerned with the creation of buildings that incorporate practical issues, aesthetic values and environmental responsibilities.

Urban Planning and Territory

Our team of specialist planners has extensive experience and advanced knowledge of Iberian urban planning and regional development. We are able to translate detailed theoretical understanding into practical strategies and processes. Working with governments and private sector clients across Iberia and Africa, we facilitate and manage strategic projects through the planning, design and approvals pathway.

We provide policy and strategic direction to ensure sustainable and commercially viable outcomes over a wide diversity of settings: tourism, environment, energy, water and hydraulics, transportation and infrastructures.


Since 1996, Atlas Koechlin has been combining long-term experience and expertise in supporting the major Iberian energy companies in all of their infrastructures’ life-cycle management requirements, and is currently expanding that know-how to deliver engineering and technical consultancy services to industrial clients ranging from planning and design to the operation maintenance phases.

Project Management

Atlas Koechlin has gained a valuable experience in Project Management, while supporting clients throughout almost 30 years in emblematic construction projects in railways, highways, hospitals and water treatment systems, thus becoming a key-piece in bringing Portuguese infrastructure to the 21st century. Such knowledge allows us to help each individual client in receiving an infrastructure “as built” on time, with the expected quality conditions of use and within the foreseen price, accompanying the project from the tender for construction stage until it’s completion.

A company built out of outstanding knowledge

Atlas Koechlin has a long-standing culture of delivering paramount planning and engineering solutions, through its pool of remarkable people supporting clients in each and every challenge they may come across. This reputation combined with an extensive network of world-class partners and global customers, helps the firm achieve strong international recognition.

We’re always looking for talented, reliable and friendly people to join our team. If you feel this describes you please send us your application to info@atlaskoechlin.com.


A client and solution-oriented culture

We work with major Portuguese companies and public institutions, within a wide range of industries and client profiles, in both the public and private sector. The company has a long-standing culture of supporting our clients every step of the way, helping them overcomer any challenge they may face.

We understand the value and importance of client-architect-engineer relationships – listening and promptly delivering solutions that are practical, comprehensive, cost effective and commercially sound that empower our clients to confidently make informed decisions about their projects.

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